Private Investigations and Creative Intelligence.

We protect your peace of mind and investments.

Crypto Alba Trust

Crypto Alba Trust - offers most comprehensive precision investigation solution for recovery your investment.

Our company was created to assist victims of commercial fraudulent transactions, including those related to the Internet (MLM, DeFi, ICO, Forex, binary options), our employees are analysts, private investigators, forensic experts and IT specialists with extensive international experience in investigating fraudulent operations and bringing those responsible to justice. We are based in Washington DC and Tel-Aviv, with agents and representatives in many countries around the world, including the UK and the Russian Federation. Our secrecy is your asset. Contact us to obtain our nondisclosure agreement to bring perpetrators to civil or criminal justice.

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Our Comprehensive Solution

We combine the following 6 elements to give the most comprehensive data.


ICO Investment Recovery

Our team members are closely acquainted with everything related ICO, IEO, ISO, OTC fraud.


Cyber Intelligence

Providing an active layer of defense against cyber attacks, data leakage and other threats to organisations.


Investment Intelligence

We will help you eliminate all the risks associated with fraud action during the investment.


Corporate Intelligence

Corporate Intelligence


Litigation Support

Finding leverage in complex multi jurisdiction litigation by identifying conflicts, corruption or fraud.


Private Investigations

All kind of Private Investigations

We identify scammers!

Over 100+ successful investigations! 30+ class action suits, we have returned to our customers more than $ 47 million of lost investments. We have saved more than 150+ million dollars to our customers before signing the contracts and conducted a quick and detailed audit.